Mana User's Manual


About this Guide

This guide is meant for end-users of the Mana Website and Mana Mobile App. It is organized into the following chapters:

  1. Feature History
    You can read about new features that have been introduced as well as about website-related bugs and issues that have been resolved.
  2. Getting Started
    This chapter is for the first-time user who wishes to get acquainted with the Mana ecosystem. It can also serve as a reminder if you haven't been using the site for a while.
  3. How do I...
    A collection of step-by-step articles on how to achieve specific tasks through the site. It is a kind of "Q&A".
  4. Using the Website
    A description of each and every page and function of the site. This chapter is useful if you are using the website and have a specific question on what a button does or where the data comes from for a specific graph etc.
  5. Generating Reports & Exporting Data
    Learn about the types of reports available as well as how you can export your data from Mana - and even directly retrieve data from your devices through the Mana website.
  6. Appendix
    Articles related to specific functionality of the site, such as: notifications, system status icons shown on the map.

Onboarding Process

Mana Software Ecosystem

Mana Website

Mana Mobile App

Getting Started

Getting Started

Website Quick Start Guide

The Mana Website, accessible from, provides access to all of your data stored at Mana along with a plethora of tools and functions to help with your everyday tasks. 

Logging In

Open and enter your credentials:

Make sure to click "Remember Me" if you don't want to have to log into the website every time you access it. Only use this feature on your own computer, not on a public computer.

Note that you need to have a service contract with Mana to access the site, you cannot register yourself.

Introducing the Website

Read the Using the Website chapter to learn about the various pages and functions available to you. Let's take a quick look at some of the features available to you:

(1) Hide the Sidebar

You can hide the sidebar as follows:

You can access it again using the three bars, and pin-it if you wish using the pin button:

(2) Quick-access to Sites and Issues

Use the drop-downs provided at the top of the page to quickly navigate to a specific site or issue:

(3) Recently viewed Sites and Issues

You can also access your recently viewed sites and issues from the sidebar:

(4) Reload the Site

A convenient "Reload" button is available in case you get stuck or wish to start over:

(5) Manage Your Account

You can manage your account by clicking on your name and then "Your Account":