Task Management 3rd-party Integration

Mana has integrated a convenient task management system for O&M clients to resolve any issues that cause production outages. Tasks are either raised by clients on-demand or automatically by system-generated alerts. The system manages the workflow which may require the replacement of faulty inverters or fixing of the modules.

Mana task management system has many useful features for operation managers and field engineers including current status, assignee handling, uploading of attachments, and adding comments.

Mana UI is designed to work in a web browser, which can be a problem for the engineers on the field if they want to upload photos for certain tasks in order to investigate the root cause of issues such as a drop in production or outages.

Many of the clients in the O&M sector have already built out their own solutions to organize work for field engineers.

Mana is going to continue broadening the list of tools that it can natively integrate with to better support client preferences and enhance productivity.

We have decided to integrate with ClickUp Process and Task Management System. ClickUp offers a rich feature set including a multi-layered task system, comments & attachments, mobile support, mobile & email notifications, worklog system, templates, triggers, etc.

The biggest challenge in the integration process is to harmonize both systems and allow two-way synchronization in order to keep a shared view of the state of the workflow.

Synchronized elements include:

  • User management two-way sync through OAuth2 flow
  • Workspace/space hierarchy two-way sync into Mana client/portfolio view
  • ClickUp tasks - Mana issues two-way sync including title, description, due date, assignee, status, issue type, subtype
  • Add Comment
  • Add Attachments

The synchronization does NOT include:

  • Comment replies (no ClickUp API support in 2.0)
  • Subtasks (not yet implemented in Mana)
  • ClickUp tags
  • ClickUp reminders
  • ClickUp time logs
  • Unified notifications (at the moment, both Mana and ClickUp sends notifications separately)

Known issues:

  • ClickUp attachment synchronization may take up to 1-2 minutes to upload
  • ClickUp attachment name modification or deletion is not synchronized unless the task is touched otherwise (another field is modified).
  • ClickUp task description formatting rules are omitted during synchronization
  • Attachments limited in 50Mb (no synchronization between Clickup / Mana above)


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