Manual Data Reaggregation

Occasionally it may become necessary to manually "re-aggregate" our data for a given device/system. Some scenarios which might lead to this:

  • Readout data is updated without subsequently notifying the aggregation algorithm of this fact
  • Some parameters of the site were input incorrectly, such as inverter count etc.
  • Previous irradiance data is attached to a site manually (for example a virtual irradiance device)

In such cases the "raw" data retrieved from the devices is correct in the master (MySQL) database, however calculated and aggregated values are not. Such values include:

  • Calculated values such as predicted energy, performance ratio, effective availability
  • Daily or monthly aggregated values (which appear in reports and on various parts of the site)
  • "Site Aggregator" system data, in other words, data stored for "Virtual Master Meter" type devices

To manually trigger a full "reaggregation" of all data for a system, log into the website as Demo or Zoltan, open the site details page for the given energy site and go to Readings → Diagnostics. 

Select the system to re-aggregate and then use the appropriate button to initiate the data re-aggregation:

The process may take several minutes to complete. Once done, you should see "success: true":

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