About this Guide

This guide is meant for end-users of the Mana Website and Mana Mobile App. It is organized into the following chapters:

  1. Feature History
    You can read about new features that have been introduced as well as about website-related bugs and issues that have been resolved.
  2. Getting Started
    This chapter is for the first-time user who wishes to get acquainted with the Mana ecosystem. It can also serve as a reminder if you haven't been using the site for a while.
  3. How do I...
    A collection of step-by-step articles on how to achieve specific tasks through the site. It is a kind of "Q&A".
  4. Using the Website
    A description of each and every page and function of the site. This chapter is useful if you are using the website and have a specific question on what a button does or where the data comes from for a specific graph etc.
  5. Generating Reports & Exporting Data
    Learn about the types of reports available as well as how you can export your data from Mana - and even directly retrieve data from your devices through the Mana website.
  6. Appendix
    Articles related to specific functionality of the site, such as: notifications, system status icons shown on the map.

Onboarding Process

Mana Software Ecosystem

Mana Website

Mana Mobile App

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