Types of Reports

Mana makes a number of reports available to you depending on your subscription tier. 

PPA and Tenant Billing Reports

  • Portfolio Batch Summary Report
    Pre-configured PDF of PPA (power purchase agreement) bills that are compiled based on user defined portfolio/tags.
  • Portfolio Summary Report
    Pre-configured PDF summary of all the user defined billing(s) in a given portfolio
  • Site PPA Contract
    Pre-configured PDF PPA bill based on a site's energy purchase in a given period

General Reports

  • Client Production Report
    Master export of all of the client's sites/solar facilities and respective energy production on a daily basis.
  • Portfolio Overview Report
    Pre-configured portfolio summary and site breakdown showing the actual vs. expected output and irradiance
  • Portfolio Issues & Readouts Analysis
    Master output of actual output vs estimated and predicted with a summary of open and closed issues/tickets within a user defined period
  • Production Overview
    Selected site report showing the actual vs. expected output and irradiance

Device Data

Additionally, you can export the data that Mana acquired from your meter devices in various formats. This is data that is stored on Mana's servers.

  • Combined System Readings
  • Effective Availability
  • Device-level readings:
    • Cumulative Energy / Momentary Power
    • Cell Temperature
    • Irradiance
  • Aggregated readings from Virtual Master Meters
  • Virtual Irradiance readings

Depending on the type of reading, it is available as raw data, normalized data (meaning it has been transformed to be consistent irrespective of device hw/configuration), hourly aggregated data, daily aggregated data, or monthly aggregated data.

→ Learn how to export device data

Remote Readings

Mana also provides a facility to export data directly from your devices. This is data that is extracted from the devices directly, or from your SCADA software.

→ Learn how to export remote readings

Website Table Data Export

→ Learn how to export table data

You can also export any table you see on the Mana website, for example:

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