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You can use the issue search box to narrow down the list of issues shown.

The search box enables searching by various criteria:

  • issue code, summary, description, resolution
  • latest issue comment
  • site name, site city or state
  • site tag(s)
  • company name

Search by Issue Code

If you wish to search for issue by #, then you have to include the complete issue ID. For example: RCE-2259

This is necessary because if we allowed partial matches in the Issue # field, then searching for "100" would bring up all issues that have "100" in the Issue # (or any of the other fields). So, RCE-100 would match, but so would RCE-1000 and RCE-1001 etc.

Searching for Closed Issues

Whether the search results contain closed issues or not is determined by the filter applied to the view. So, if you wish to find closed issues, then either set the filter to "Closed Issues" or "All Issues":

Issue Search and "Threaded View"

Note that previously another factor that could influence whether you find an issue or not is the "Threaded View" filter. When this is clicked, only the latest issue for each site is shown. So if you searched for RCE-2258 and "Threaded View" was on, then it wouldn't find it because there is a newer issue for Kauluwela already (RCE-2260). Because this can get confusing, we've modified the site to disable "Threaded View" when using the search box. So if you search for "Kauluwela" and have the filter set to "All Issues" then you should see all issues for "Kauluwela."

Filter + Search

In addition to issue code and site name, you can also use the search box to search for issues by summary, description, resolution, the latest issue comment, city, state, tag, or company name. So, for example, if you wish to see all open issues for all sites in Honolulu, you should set the "filter" to "Open Issues" and search for "Honolulu":

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